Searching For OM was developed in 2012 as a way of connecting with the people that I care about as I traveled. From India, Nepal and Cambodia and other various locales back to my hometown in Upstate New York, the original intent has not changed. What has changed are the people that I care about.

A funny thing happens as we begin exploring the intricacies of our own mind. It's not as firmly rooted in reality as perhaps we once believed. Neither are the self-imposed limitations. Unbounded, our natural state is not that of restriction and lack, it's one of freedom.

This collection of essays is dedicated to awakening our fullest potential and using this presence to redefine the global landscape, together. It's not enough to crave personal freedom. In a world with so many, this is far too small. Understanding that we are not alone and what we do for ourselves we do for others and what we do for others we do to, and for ourselves, is worth cultivating. 

Our personal experience carries with it a sense of separation between us and those around us. While the feeling of this is indeed very real, what begs to be questioned is the truth in what we feel. And there is only one way to explore the meaning of this - practice.  Practicing being present - through meditation, mindfulness, observation of emotions and how these are experienced within the body and mind as we navigate the landscape.

The keys unlocking life’s higher meaning are yours. They are present in your own mind. It is only through practice that we uncover our inherent wisdom, revealing this path of Ultimate Freedom.

I hope you enjoy what you find.