Searching For OM was developed in 2012. It was a way to connect with the people that I care about while I traveled. A trip designed as a five-month journey to develop my spiritual practice, turned into three years. From India, Nepal and Cambodia and other various locations, back to my hometown in Upstate New York, the original intention has not changed. What's changed, or more precisely, who's changed, are the people that I care about.

A funny thing happened when I began exploring the details inside my mind. The appearance of reality, or perhaps  the way in which I perceived it, shifted. So did many of the self-imposed limitations. What I discovered is that it isn't enough to crave personal freedom. In a world with so many, this is far too small an endeavor. Realizing that we are not acting alone and what we do for ourselves we do for others and what we do to others we do to and for ourselves, is an understanding worth cultivating. It's also the reason why I returned home.

This collection of essays merely offers a glimpse of one woman's journey.

I hope you enjoy what you find.