Rave 101

Unbelievable. I’ve been bouncing around this island for almost two weeks and have yet to attend one of its infamous raves. Chasing the inland beach trails and zinging to the beat of my own inner trance-dance, has instead kept me quite distracted. But determined to appease the cosmic overlords of all things techno, I set out last night with the sole intent of tripping the lights fantastic and showing the kids how this is really done.

While there is certainly something to be said for being treated like family, my new brothers and sisters around where I’m staying are not only abundant, they are also curious. Where you been? Where you going?Why you not eat breakfast? Having spent most of my days South of the harbor, my habits have taken on the scrutiny of a culture observed under a microscope. And last night — this amoeba crawled out of the petri dish and made a break for it.

I took my pre-rave activities North of the harbor in search of something a little different. After passing dive shops, restaurants and ATMs that didn’t exist one year ago, a colorful chalkboard sign leaning against a post caught my attention. Very much like getting my temple-groove on, it was no sooner that I finished reading the colorful print and looked up than I knew; instinct had led me to the right spot.

The four pavilions are a miniature version of the beachside spot I’ve passed many an hour on the last fourteen days. Located on the opposite side of the street, it’s got the perfect distractive combination of streaming street parade and soothing backdrop of rolling waves. And this isn’t even the best part.

The spot is not only cozy and propels sweet vibes in every direction; it’s also where I meet my favorite person on the island. His name is D; like the letter D. Like the other young men on the island he’s in his twenties. But unlike the other boys, he sports a full head of dreadlocks. He possesses a gorgeous outlook with the disposition of an angel and his virtue-based beliefs were, in part, the inspiration for my last post.

The night I find D is also the night I discover the best live show in town, directly across the path from my newfound friend! The six musicians play everything from Santana to Sade, and the best bit — they perform every night of the week. Experimental, soulful and from the sounds of it, having a blast!

Thrilled at the prospect of a new friend, comfortable hangout and rockin’ entertainment, I take my leave of D with every intention of continuing my mischief into the wee hours. Reaching the outdoor party club I survey the crowd of twenty-somethings spilling over the path and crammed into the large sections of bar, dance floor and pavilions on either side. The beat pumps auditory jams, every cell in my body is thumping to. Circumnavigating the sweaty, gyrating bodies, avoiding lit cigarettes and ducking swinging drinks, I finally succeed in making it to the other side of mayhem street.

Heaving a sigh of relief I follow the beacon back to my bungalow-boys and finished my night in the comfort of my favorite beachfront perch. When I finally do retire, the party is still in full swing and I smile an enormous grin as I climb into bed; it only took forty years, but perhaps I’ve finally reached adulthood. My mother will be so pleased.

~ by Christine Fowle