Who gave you this number?

As I sat, deeeep in meditation, a series of melodic whispering please reached my ears...a mixture of laughter & crying, bordering on giddy hysteria. What? What's that I hear? You're trapped under an avalanche of tourists and the hotel is buried under a pile of s'mores.

Huh?? Who is this? And how did you get this number?

It was a symphony of voices, of colleagues past
Executing plans in season going fast

With Christmas a memory, awaiting the day
When finally the last of the snow melts away

Peace of mind, it will come, bringing with it spring flowers
Knowing again, the town soon will be ours

As President's weekend came and went
Colleagues on my mind were spent

Not far from my thoughts, yet the work I don't miss
From East to West a Namaste Kiss

If a destination you're searching for mud-season bliss
You know where to find me, along with my sis

Unless you're Tim Sanders, who should go somewhere classy
I'd be elated to buy your first honey lassi

This little lyrical ode to my friends
I hope you'll enjoy until ski season ends

Big hugs...and lotsa love. You're not (too) far from my thoughts...

~ by Christine Fowle