What if?

What if we each hold the secrets of the universe? Both the lock and the key to wisdom beyond our wildest dreams.

What if the music we listen to, poetry we read & art we gaze at are all pointing to it?

What if all we have to do is open our eyes?

What if all limitation were self-imposed?

What if we are powerful beyond measure?

What if?

When was the last time you felt this way? When you were a child, playing super-hero? A time before you were told what was possible and more importantly, impossible?

What if the rules we've been handed are for the wrong game?

What if the right game is a lot more fun?

What if the right game pushes you to meet your full potential and challenges your intellect in ways you've never deemed possible?

What if the right game levels the playing field?

I beg you to ask yourself: What's the point?

In a supra-organized universe, can the very purpose of our existence really be an afterthought?

Can it really be about grabbing as much as we can before we die?


What if all we need to do is open our eyes?

What if?

Is it really so absurd to believe?

What if there were no risk to finding out?