Happy Anniversary — Birthday Poem !!!

This poem first made its appearance one year ago — and because it is indeed that time of year again...

We interrupt this esoteric and suddenly serious nature of this blog for a (40th) birthday tribute to my sister…ahem…

An orbital rotation marks a shift into bliss
A spectacular of dreams, sure not to be missed

For those with an eye on my beautiful sis
It’s indeed that time — to Plant a BIG Birthday Kiss

Mother India’s been restlessly chanting her name
Where are you dear child? Why aren’t you in the game?

Gear up. Get ready. Get set. And Go!
There is no escaping your roll in this show

The players are here; the pieces in place
It’s you we’re waiting on; your turn in the race

Yoga & mantras & kirtan & such
Her head may pop off; it’s all just too much!

Agores & Monks, High Priests & the like
They all will line up to bask in her light

A magmatic glow, iridescent as stars
Sparks will soar, colliding with Mars

Planets will sing; Galaxies will hum
Moons will shine on, engaged in the fun

What a time we’ll all have, zinging around
Who’s time for liberation when such fun is abound!

Break for the party; celebration for all
When lil’ sis arrives she’ll be queen of the ball

So make up your mind. Set your resolve.
Your big sis is waiting, controlling the mob

It can be intense and at times kind of scary
The monsters look fierce, all bloodshot and hairy

Sometimes they smell and play nasty tricks
It’s all in good fun — how they get monster kicks

But I’ve got some pranks of my own up my sleeve
I know some things you just wouldn’t believe

We’ll dazzle, disarm, confuse & distract
Little do they know it’s only an act

While clown-puppets dance on a stage with a script
The element of surprise only shoots from the hip

For real freedom lies in no agenda nor plan
The Universe alone holds the true fate of man

But until such a time sis hears the great
Mother’s call Its nose to the grindstone and balls to the wall

There is work to be done but a break in sight
Until she arrives I’ll continue with might

For years sis has nurtured a much softer side
No alter ego to disguise, maneuver or hide

For her liberation will be but a breeze
With a little encouragement she’ll find it with ease

My goals are for naught but when shared with another
She’ll serve as my muse. My sister. My brother.

She’ll inspire with grace, with joy and with love
To see her freed on the wings of a dove

With this last thought I will bid you adieu
Until we lock eyes sis…Happy Birthday to you.

All of my love.

~  by Christine Fowle
~  Photo Credit: Paideia: Songs of the Celestial Beings