After one year of traversing India in a solo Search for OM, something happened that forever changed my experience. My sister Amy joined me. Her arrival on the scene, and subsequent thirteen months, could not have been predicted in one thousand lifetimes — precisely what it feels we’ve been privileged enough to behold.

Impermanence however, is the Universal law and our paths are again moving in two unique directions. It is with tremendous joy that I look back at the last year. And it is with the utmost love and respect that I wish you Amy, a heartfelt Namaskar and safe journey home.

Our time together so precious and surreal
With dreamlike images to touch and to feel

But just like illusions embody the past
My dear sister’s visit, like dreams, didn’t last

Mother India she swooned, like any good daughter should
Her siblings as well, the bad and the good

As for myself, my psyche she’s lifted
Wholesome and pure, the girl was born gifted

Leaving much stronger with directions in hand
Home is now calling, another strange land

With purpose and might, moving down a new road
Reaching firm ground, her plans will unfold

With work to be started and fresh souls to heal
All efforts put forth she’ll accomplish with zeal

Friends who are missing her love so divine
Await with arms open as she too soon will find

There’s nothing to say, no words to express
How our time together was so surely blessed

A puff of white smoke, a new light of dawn
How fragile life is; the experience is gone

Magical it was, but no words to lament
It’s a rule of the game: what came has now went

The impermanence of all, a good lesson to know
Riding the wave, getting lost in the flow

Take with you dear sister, the wisdom you’ve gained
And your light will shine on, come wind or down rain

With a tear in my eye I must let you go
It’s your time now. The next role. A new show.

Gratitude and blessings, I ever drift your way
e’ll awaken tomorrow, a brand new today.

Love, Light & OM