Oh, Yes it is!

It’s indeed that time of year once again
But where’s my sister, where's my friend?

She left me in Baharat all on my own
I miss her sweet face; ponder how has she grown?

Cherishing her smile, the sadhus agree
India isn’t the same since she's decided to flee

The walas the Yogis, the pups and the cows
Don’t listen to reason, we want her here now!

But placing self-serving motivations aside
Loneliness in check, no choice but abide

Her gifts, more important must be shared with the world
There’s good to be done, community unfurled

She returned home what feels so long ago
To alter the landscape and boy, what a show

Monks, murals and mayhem; a circus divine
Children galore all you need is a mime

Creepy as clowns, that’s a really bad plan
How about instead we invite Superman!

Oh wait there he is, right there by your side
I’ve got pictures to prove it; his cape is his ride

What a pair, lookie lookie, here’s a candid of you!
Decked out as Supergirl in a red underoo

By leaps and by bounds watching both of you fly
The wind beneath you, touching the sky

‘Eat dust baby’; oh wait, that’s not nice
That’s what you get without editing advice

This rhyme’s getting weird, so I’ll get to the point
Oh crap that’s no good; all I’ve got’s the word joint


It’s time once again to rejoice the day of your birth
You’re managing quite well; despite this fast-spinning earth

Steadying peace with chaos and fun
It’s not always easy to balance life’s run

And so you’ve inspired me to do just the same
Bring home some OM, in more that just name

So it’s off to our hometown to see what’s the fuss
I hope it’s okay, even Zen I still cuss

Dropping the F-bomb for fun and for play
I hope you'll enjoy; happy fucking birthday!

See you soon Lovebug!


If my words don’t rhyme and the reason makes no sense
It’s the element of surprise, keeping Mimi in suspense

All OM that is published, dear sis deserves credit
She’s the only one I will dare allow edit

This poem may need help without her keen eye
Apologies abound, I gave it a try…

~ by Christine Fowle